Creating a beautiful smile with braces.

1) We feel orthodontics is a benefit that will help our patients through life with a beautiful smile and healthy bite.

2) What is orthodontics?
Relates to the practice of straightening any irregularities in the alignment of your teeth. The idea is to correct your bite,and keep your your teeth healthy.

3) Your preliminary examination is free.
Our professionally trained staff will be eager to assist you with any questions you might have. So make an appointmentto see us, and find out what we can do today to make you look your best tomorrow.

4) What is the average length of treatment?
This will vary depending on several things including your cooperation and keeping your scheduled orthodontic appointments. Everyone`s teeth move at their own rate. Some treatments end earlier than others. It all depends on your biological factors.

5) Why are retainers so important?
Retainers help keep your teeth straight at the completion of your treatment. Retainers must be worn as instructed to prevent relapse. Retainers are particularly important after the braces are removed while the teeth stabilize.